About Us

Our site has been established since 2011 but more of like a news site of all stuff. The eventual collaboration of several partners who have worked in different gaming companies and brought to the evolution of the site to be more game focused and sharing our tricks and techniques that each partners have learned from previous work.

That is why we truly understand that in any game, losing always sucks. And with our huge and wide background in gaming development, we want to make and feel that each gamer can always have a winning edge of the other player. With the use of our different hacking tools, we can assure you that you will surely dominate the game.

So if you are a fan of a particular game, newsregurgitator.com has the right tools for you. Why, because you can certainly save money on ingame purchases since our cheat tools can assist you and have those resources for free. Now all you have to do is search for the game that you are playing and if you find it here, then you have the tool that can easily crawl the gaming servers and get the resources that you need for free!

So keep playing and keep winning!

– NewsRegurgitator Team


PS. – if you have any problem with a particular game or a game request to be hacked, please use our contact form page.